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The ARH Tiger is a two-seat, attack helicopter designed to perform a wide range of missions. Faster and more agile than its competitors, the ARH Tiger can detect and engage targets at longer ranges, and more easily coordinate and control combined arms teams.


The Tiger boasts sophisticated avionics and mission equipment capability. Under the Air 87 Program, the Commonwealth of Australia ordered 22 ARH Tigers to serve Australia for many years. Australian Aerospace delivered all 22 Tigers to the Australian Defence Force in 2011. The ARH Tiger program has created 220 new jobs in Australia, $A40 million in investment and more than $A640 million has been injected into the Australian economy through flow-on benefits.

The Australian ARH is based on European variants that are ready to be deployed. More than 5000 flight hours have been reached with the ARH.

Versatile and flexible

The Tiger’s stealthy design, agility and integrated sensor and weapons systems make it ideal for operating in both the reconnaissance and fire support roles. The roof-mounted sight permits high speed on escort missions and gives extreme angular accuracy for day and night target designation. In heavy fire support roles, the Tiger ARH uses stand-off missiles, capable of defeating all current and projected armoured vehicles, as well as strong points, day or night and in adverse weather.

Coupled with its proven high reliability and autonomy on deployment, this mission flexibility means the Tiger ARH will be ready for anything, anytime. The Tiger ARH will be the world’s most advanced armed reconnaissance helicopter capable of multi-role excellence. Its design provides great versatility in meeting or exceeding Australia’s specified requirements.

Developing Australian industry capability

The ARH Tiger Program has delivered an in-country design and development environment for hardware mission software. Australian Aerospace, through its parent company Eurocopter, is transferring all necessary technology and intellectual property to Australian industry to enable customisation, support, modification and enhancement of the ARH Tiger, in Australia, throughout its service life.

Australian Aerospace is responsible for overall program management and through-life support management, as well as assembly and delivery of ground crew training devices.

Thales Australia is responsible for part of update and support of the avionics and mission systems and will fully develop and manufacture the Ground Mission Planning and Control System.

Kellogg Brown and Root, together with Thales Training and Simulation, is developing and supporting the training program, including providing air crew training devices.

Avalon Systems, with European OEM’s (original equipment manufacturer) support (EADS), is responsible for development of the Electronic Warfare Mission Support System.

Advanced Technology

The ARH Tiger Program is delivering a state-of-the-art armed reconnaissance helicopter to the Army, a capability that the Army previously has not had.

The Tiger incorporates cutting-edge technologies, including: composite airframe to minimise weight and reduce radar cross-section; latest-generation engines and rotors; integrated suite of sensors and weapons; built-in low-cost maintenance design and latest generation target identification and acquisition sight. Inherently stealthy in radar cross-section, the Tiger employs infra-red suppression techniques to minimise infra-red detectability.